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  • Location: Bungendore, NSW, Australia
  • Climate Zone: Cool Temperate
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    Sunningdale Jacmarall Farm Goulburn Wetlands Restoration PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia PRI Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast Zaytuna Farm Mudlark Permaculture Maungaraeeda Bredbo Valley View Farm



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Sustainability Research

Posted by Penelope Kothe about 2 years ago

Benchmark research into sustainability issues as seen by everyday people - what is seen as sustainability and how are our actions changing over time.

Looking to establish how everyday people view permaculture, sustainability, what actions they are taking in their everyday lives, how they learn about sustainability and permaculture and what the opportunities are to assist with information and education moving forward.

Would love to get this survey out as far and wide as possible, the more responses, the more weight we have in getting media to listen to us and to changes that everyday people are looking for in their lives:



This project is an initiative of Permaculture eXchange: www.facebook.com/permacultureexchange

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