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Cypress raised bed

Posted by Tim Auld almost 4 years ago

A small custom raised bed for a client using cypress pine planks.

The odd corner was to avoid a downpipe, and was quite a pain to accomodate. It meant more cutting to various lengths, and bending the brackets. The brackets were fiddly but worked well in the end. We expect using internal posts would be an easier, stronger and cheaper way to go about connecting the planks.

The inside of the bed is lined with builders plastic. Although cypress pine is quite durable and termite resistant, we have found in the right conditions (warm and moist), termites will consume it. To extend the life of the bed we lined it with plastic. The plastic extends into the bottom of the bed but there is a large opening. We believe connecting the bed to the open soil may increase the plants' resilience, since their root system can extend down into the soil, accessing water and minerals otherwise unavailable, and allowing worms, fungi and other life in and out.


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