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  • Location: Brisbane, qld, Australia
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    PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia



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Zaytuna Farm's new arrival

Posted by Danial Lawton almost 4 years ago

Zaytuna Farm has a new arrival a historic day for Zaytuna Farm.

Yesterday I was happy to accept the arrival of our new tractor, it may not sound like much but it was a historic day for Zaytuna Farm as we have never had such a piece of equipment that could alter so much before. Though the tractor itself is reason enough to be excited, but the tractor came with plenty of goodies, a 2100 flail mower, a 4 in 1 bucket, a 6" mulcher chipper, and still on its way is a forage harvester and trailer to suit. The farm will never look so good. This and the fact of the fantastic team I have working for me at the moment.

The team I have at the moment;

Dave, Tim, Simon, Marie, and Manar

Chris (solar expert) works for himself

Tony and Ish (kitchen), Abby and Ingrid (office) though these guys work for PRI. There are several others working for PRI of coarse but not at Zaytuna Farm.


Thank you to all the staff as they have all done a fantastic job in the last few months as we have made remarkable ground in heading forward towards future goals.



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Ingrid Pullen
Ingrid Pullen : Yay! i look forward to meeting the new addition to the family Monday morning! what shall we name him?
Posted almost 4 years ago

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Danial Lawton
Danial Lawton : Him tractors are always girls
Posted almost 4 years ago

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Evan Young
Evan Young : Had to wait for me to leave didn't you :)
Posted over 3 years ago

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