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  • Location: Deep Creek, Eleuthera, Bahamas
  • Climate Zone: Wet/Dry Tropical
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    The Panya Project Hakuna Matata Permaculture Research Institute-Kenya Caribbean PRI of Barbados (CPRIB)



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About Adam Dusen

I work as a permaculturist for a semester abroad school and marine research center in the Bahamas. I manage a permaculture farm which includes a diversified orchard, animal systems, and a large aquaponics system.

My foray into sustainable agriculture started in 2006 when I started apprenticing on a diversified organic farm. That led me to take a PDC in 2008 from the Panya Project in northern Thailand and have been doing permaculture ever since in one form or another. I've worked on permaculture sites in Thailand, Sweden, the US, and now the Bahamas.

I've been slow to get into the world of permaculture teaching, as I believe permaculture teachers should be highly experienced implementing permaculture systems before they start teaching others. I've co-taught a handful of introductory permaculture courses and I hope to teach a full PDC with another teacher this coming May.


Panya Project's Visiting Schools Program

Students learning about permaculture and sustainability in the most hands-on approach imaginable

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