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  • Location: Łódź, Łódzkie, Poland
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About Łukasz Nowacki

Studied applied ecology at the University of Lodz and European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology. Have a master degree in ecohydrology and applied ecology and I specialize in ecosystem biotechnology. I'm a President of TRANSFORMACJA Foundation – a non profit organisation created for sharing knowledge on ecological design, sustainable development and Permaculture in Poland. My currant work is focused mainly around teaching ecological design and creating a Polish Centre for Permculture Development. My greatest passion is sustainable design. At the age of 15 I was inspired by the works of R. Buckminster Fuller and the New Alchemy Institute and began my own path to gain knowledge and become a 'turning point' for others searching a way to live sustainably on our planet – Gaia. For more than 10 years I study permaculture design, doing lots of experiments, field tests and projects that are necesarry for gaining practical experience. My wish is to share the knowledge I have with other people. May the FORCE be with YOU!


Forest Garden Design Workshops in Jarków

On April 12-14, in the first days of the highly anticipated spring of 2013, forest garden design workshop was held in Jarków. We stayed in a nice area, and the 'Daisy'Ranch hosts welcomed us. Weather was great, and most of all people were great. It was on

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Permaculture Design Course in Czystogarb, Poland


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Polish Permaculture Research Institute is open for business!

Polish Permaculture Research Institute - Holistic approach to modern science for the benefit of present and future Generations Powered by TRANSITION Foundation

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Permaculture Design Course in Czystogarb, Poland

Fundacja TRANSFORMACJA / TRANSITION Foundation invites you to join the best Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course offered in Poland! A PDC course covers a broad overview of topics to assist people in creating a healthy, ecologically ethical lifes

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If you need assistance in building a geodesic dome greenhouse...

I'm a permaculture teacher, designer and consultant. One of my lifelong adventures, is geodesic domes building. I fell in love with the structure from the first sight because it is based on nature design - the SYNERGETICS.

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One of my first mandala permaculture garden projects "Circles of Nature"

Hi, my name is Łukasz Nowacki. I'm a permaculture teacher, designer and consultant. Below you can check out one of my first garden designs. Have fun!

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