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  • Location: Monchique, Algarve, Portugal
  • Climate Zone: Warm Temperate
  • Gender: Female

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About Lesley Anne Martin

A student of architecture in the 60s, soon gravitated to a calling nearer my heart - that of growing and farming in Cornwall. Ran my own biological farm and shop for 17 years before doing my PDC course in 1995. After 3 years of apprentice teaching was accredited for my diploma and moved to Portugal. Here I live in a mud hut in the middle of nowhere with partner, dogs and chickens. From here I have been travelling the length and breadth of Portugal teaching the PDC to very keen Portuguese for the past 10 years and have seen the interest in all things Permacultural grow in leaps and bounds.
Have consulted on a number of projects here and am now working additionally as a Diploma tutor. Hoping to be involved in the setting up of a Permaculture Research Institute here in the south of the country in addition to continuing with my teaching commitments.


Permaculture Academy for Portugal

Portuguese Diploma System

Posted over 2 years ago (1 comments)

Vale da Lama Institute, Algarve , Portugal

Continuing Professional Permaculture Development

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