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    Milkwood Quinta do Vale PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia Columbia Basin Permaculture The Human Habitat Project Permaculture Institute Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey, Marmariç



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About Julie Pagliaro

I grew up on a farm in western New York state and have always loved animals and nature. In addition to working in accounting for more than 25 years, I also have training as an herbalist and a grant writer. And recently, I began GMO Speaker and Activist training with Jeffrey Smith of The Institute for Responsible Technology

After living in Las Vegas, Nevada for many years my husband and I decided we wanted to move somewhere less arid, grow our own food, and live a more rural sustainable lifestyle. After reading an article in Mother Earth News, "Plant an Edible Forest Garden” by Harvey Ursery, I was hooked and started researching Permaculture. It was everything we were looking for.

Shortly after, we found out Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton were teaching together in Melbourne so my husband and I, along with our daughter, Kelly (then 11 years old) took our PDC in Australia and we haven't been the same since. As soon as we returned home we began a Permaculture garden at our suburban home in Las Vegas and began giving Permaculture presentations.

We made the decision during our PDC to create a demonstration site on our farm in North Central Idaho where we can teach local people and others from around the world about Permaculture Design.

We made the permanent move to the farm just over a year ago and are now getting our farm established and teaching the locals about Permaculture.


New Book on Creating A Food Forest!

Martin Crawford, who appeared in "A Farm for the Future" has written a book, Creating A Forest Garden, Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops

Posted about 4 years ago (0 comments)

Kids in Permaculture, A Personal Experience

2010 was a big transition for our family and it has been a pleasure watching our teenage daughter grow, especially in regards to Permaculture...

Posted about 4 years ago (4 comments)