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Tips To Make This World A Better And Plastic-Free Planet

Posted by Daniel Clark 13 days ago

Today, most places on earth are facing rigorous issues due to excessive plastic garbage. It is harmful to the environment in many ways. Therefore, one must take up their responsibility to make this world better by not using plastic abusively anymore. It is comprehensible that you might not be able to ignore plastic completely. Like a wise man said “something is always better than nothing”, try excluding lower grade plastic from your daily usage and replace it eco-friendly products. 

Finding eco products online in Australia is very easy as they are introducing several efficient replacements for plastic products. Choose to buy eco-friendly products over plastic products. 

Here are some of the best tips to help you follow the eco-living path with ease: 

  1. Carry bags: Make sure to carry eco-friendly bags for your everyday shopping needs. In case, you find it expensive try to use the same plastic bag every single time so that you do not accumulate a heap of plastic bags at home. Limiting plastic is also a step forward in reducing waste. 
  1. Use stainless steel bottles: Plastic water bottles have an expiry date and are very difficult to recycle. Ensure to carry a stainless steel water bottle with you for your hydration needs. Similarly, carry reusable cups or mugs to have your favorite beverages when outside the home. Stop using plastic cups, straws, glasses, and plates to save the planet. 
  1. Ditch the disposals: Sometimes it can be very tempting to opt for easy to throw vessels when having a large number of crows to welcome. Try to switch disposals with real plates and vessels to make sure that you are not adding another waste heap to plastic garbage. If you can avoid disposals, make sure to use biodegradable disposals made from papers or starch. Also, decompose them after the use. 
  1. Replace your toothbrush with eco-friendly wood: You might have heard of a wooden toothbrush, they are easy to dispose of. Ensure to switch your plastic brush with a bamboo toothbrush and start your day with a right nature-friendly brush. 
  1. Replace sanitary pads with menstrual cups: Switch your old school methods with healthier and better replacements. Menstrual cups are safe, hygienic and reusable. Avoid adding tons of waste and save up to $4000 a year by using cups for our sanitary needs during the menstrual cycle period. 
  1. Recycle thing instead of throwing: Adopt a habit of recycling things instead of simply throwing them. Make sure to separate waste in respective types to recycle them accordingly. Teach your kids and encourage people around you to opt for sustainable choices to make world greener and cleaner. 
  1. Do not put electronic directly into waste bins: Electronics and phones have different process to recycle. Ensure to read the disposing instruction properly and act accordingly. Also, most post offices have special bins for electronic items. So find one near you for dumping your old phones or electronics. 
  1. Invest in cloth nappies: This one is for all the mommies, the diaper is also one of the hard to decompose. Up to 4% of landfill in Australia is full of nappies, which are not likely to decompose in a lifetime. Save disposal nappies for emergencies and use cloth nappies for regular usage. It is healthy for your baby’s health and the environment too.

Wrapping Up

All of these tips are easy and little things that you can do in your daily life to make the world around you better. You can add your touch to these basic tips and create a new and better lifestyle for you and family both. Eco-friendly products might sound expensive, but it is nothing compared to the good difference you will make in this world. Make it a habit and soon you will see the world around will get greener and cleaner.


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