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1805-90 Eastdale Ave Toronto, ON M4C 5AZ, Canada, 1805-90 Eastdale Ave Toronto, ON M4C 5AZ, Canada, Canada
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About printing shell

custom packaging boxes is the most effective way to enhance the appearance of your business brand, attract attention, and help consumers easily recognize your products.

Simple boxes are outdated, make your packaging stand out with custom packaging boxes and enjoy a professional look by adding your company logo, company name, brand motto, website, with stylish colorful designs.

As the world becomes more digital every day. Don't be anonymous! Custom packaging is the marketing tools you must have in your bucket these days.

Why not get ahead of your rivals and add unique visual interest to your custom packaging boxes.

The custom packaging boxes is not as expensive as we think. And thanks to printing companies like Printing Shell that gives you the opportunity to have cheap but quality custom packaging boxes.

Create an impression with customize print box

Custom packaging boxes are the first thing your customers get their hands on when they buy your product. Creating an exceptional first impression should be the primary goal of custom packaging boxes.

The buying process does not end when your product reaches your customer. Create enchanting memories in the minds of your clients through personal experience and turn them into advocates for your business in the future.

So why lose your first impression with a plain old boring box, add some colors to your product with custom packaging boxes, and get noticed?

Our custom packaging offers an exceptional customer experience, distinguishes itself from crowded marketing, and is perfectly suited to the strategies of companies looking to build strong relationships with their customers.

The best custom packaging boxes for your product

How will you know what type of custom packaging is good for you?

Research what might be best for your customer and create a package design that reflects your brand. You can choose to have cardboard boxes, custom rigid boxes, kraft boxes, or corrugated boxes.

Be careful when choosing materials and paint colors, keep in mind the image of your product that you are trying to represent with your custom packaging boxes.

Printing Shell has experts in the printing industry who will provide the proper guidance in case you are not sure what type of packaging solution suits your needs or help you improve the outcome of your custom boxes .

Custom rigid boxes are the most widely used packaging solution for luxury brands and our main specialty. We design and manufacture custom rigid boxes so that when your customer first grasps the box, they feel privileged.

The best design for custom printed boxes

Create a new dimension of infinite possibilities with your communication.

These days, packaging should be viewed as an element of communication with your customers, especially for businesses that sell online and need to create a strong customer experience. The design of your packaging reflects the value of your brand.

Sophisticated and elegant custom printed boxes in classic shapes and styles or you can surprise customers with rectangular, oval, circle, square, triangle, heart shape or other custom shapes.

Cardboard boxes are experiencing a digital revolution: HD printing, 100% personalized and ultra-customizable, the packaging becomes a true vector of your brand image.

Our expert graphic designers are the best in the industry; You just need to provide your company logo, your company name, your slug line, any instructions you want to print, and any of your preferred designs. Our creative graphic designers will create different models for you to choose from.

What does Printing Shell offer?

Printing Shell is working in the custom packaging box industry for more than a decade. We have developed tailor-made packaging solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers.

Whether in terms of design, size or packaging typology, our packaging is 100% customizable. In fact, whatever your limitations, our mastery of design and production allows us to design custom printed boxes or packaging perfectly tailored to your products.

Beyond production, we focus on the uses of our packaging and are committed to offering our customers innovative packaging solutions.

Discover our range of solutions with concrete examples of achievements and become the trusted printing partner of our customers. Minimal response time and free shipping in the US and Canada make us more distinctive.

New printing technologies set new standards and offer the opportunity to turn packaging into a true means of communication. Call our sales experts today and start packaging the way you've envisioned.

Printing Shell is a combination of dedicated and well-equipped designers working together with a passionate production team. We give our clients room of imagination to think what they want within the confines of design and we are responsible for expressing their thoughts in the form of an actual product.

We offer free graphic design with unlimited design reviews, no die or plate cost, fast turnaround time, free shipping, no minimum order, and custom size and style for your custom boxes.

Printing Shell has been dominating the packaging market for two decades. We always strive to serve in the best possible way. Fulfilling our commitment is our motive.

We know the value of time, that's why we deliver the final product in minimal time, be it a corrugated box or a print job on thin paper for our client's office needs. Every member of the Blue box Packaging team is a magician in their field, be it design or production.

From fine paper artwork to huge corrugated cardboard boxes, Printing Shell is the best in its business.

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