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Aidan Kriese
Austin, Texas, United States
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About Aidan Kriese

I'm a certified permaculture designer who has worked with permaculturists, small organic farmers, and landscaping operations in Western Massachusetts, Maine, the Catskills, and my homeland - the Blackland Prairie (Austin, TX).

I was brought to permaculture through my politicization around the industrial food system, the ecological crisis, and U.S. imperialism.

I'm currently launching a political art project/business called Blackland Succession :: Restorative Food Forest Design and Exchange. Blackland Succession partners with residents of the Boggy, Waller, and Tannehill Watersheds of Austin in the growth of perennial polyculture gardens, the facilitation of accountable relationships between clients and their neighbors, and the fostering of micro-economies wherein people produce and exchange goods made from the land that they collectively live on.

Blackland Succession is also an attempt to contribute to the politicization and radicalization of the permaculture community by placing issues of gentrification, food injustice, structural racism, queer liberation, an ethics of collectivity, and organized resistance against the industrial economy at the heart of its work.

Blackland Succession is very vocal in its support for both above and belowground resistance against the infrastructure of the powerful, the infrastructure that is destroying the planet, with the understanding that the restorative work of permaculture must go hand in hand with strategic, sustained political upheaval if we're ever going to see a just and healing planet.


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