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Al Baydha Project Fassi Honeycomb Permaculture Egypt WeTheTrees Crowd Funding Platform Eco-Schools Project Jawaseri School Garden Project Greening the Desert Project URBAN HOMESTEAD GRANTS Anadolu Bahçeleri / Anatolian Food Gardens
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About Maryam Zaky

I'm a California native living in Jordan. I was born at home on the farm where my parents had a mini homestead. I'm an author and editor, founder of The Sustainable Muslim, Middle East and Beyond, a frugal living forager and repurposer. I've had a long and deep rooted interest in learning and studying Permaculture, Aquaponics, herbal medicine, natural pool/pond construction, and learning about how to build earthen homes and structures, especially Earthbag building. I'm itching to gain more knowledge and put it into action. My goals are to live sustainably and teach others to do the same by serving my community and surrounding communities, especially helping educate widows, orphans and refugees.
I love creative hands on projects, and I don't shy from hard dirty work.


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