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It's great to have you join our growing network of permaculture practitioners, teachers, consultants, aid workers, activists and project leaders! By joining you'll be able to keep tabs on your favourite people and projects, publish your own permaculture profile, list your own particular permaculture project(s) (searchable by type, climate zone and location), share information and resources, and much more. Together we can try to rebuild this ailing world from the ground up. Joining is free.

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Welcome! We hope you’ll find the WPN a powerful tool to help share your permaculture knowledge, experiences and observations with the world permaculture community. The system is design to promote those who give and share. We look forward to your contributions, and in turn supporting your endeavours as we work together to reshape the world along healthy and sustainable lines.

Please note: The form at left is for creating your own personal profile on the WPN. It is not for creating permaculture projects – which can be done later, as per the notes below. Projects entered directly into this form will be deleted.

After signup, you should:

  1. Click on the ‘Edit my profile’ button at top of your profile and complete your personal bio and details (you will see guiding text for this). Profiles that are left blank will be deleted. (If you only wish to view the site, there is no need to sign up.)
  2. At right side of your profile you can then add details for any permaculture courses you’ve taken.
  3. If you have a permaculture project to share with the world, go to ‘Projects’ and then ‘Add your project’.
  4. If you’ve created a project, you can add additional ‘Admin’ and ‘Team Members’ to the project, and if they’re already members of the system before you do so, automatic links to their profiles will be created.