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Bostic Project.2013
Bostic Project.2013
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Aberdeen Rd., North Chesterfield, Virginia, US
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Bostic Project.2013

Bostic Project.2013

North Chesterfield, US

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Project: Bostic Project.2013

Posted by Greg Dommert about 10 years ago

We understand so much more as we begin another season in Permaculture...

Our climate here in Central Virginia is cool termperate. So, unless one utilitzes a greenhouse it is difficult to achieve much in the way of annual vegetable production over the winter months. However there is much to do during January and Februaray in preparation for the upcoming season. With that being said, I would like to polish up the narrative regarding The Bostic Project. I had my first look at The Bostic Project in the Fall of 2012. I had already been several months engaged in chemotherapy treatments for cancer and I wasn't really feeling 100%. Also, I had not yet completed the PDC so I was uncertain about a few elements of the project that needed to be linked and how I was going to get that done. In an effort to simply get something done, I had a few friends meet me at the Bostic Property and provide a few hours labor of love. during that time we managed to till up some very hard red clay, amend it slightly with some organic material and form 4 raised beds on slight contour. We figured it would be just enough to give Mrs. Bostic a place to plant some annual vegetables. That was the extent of our outreach to Mrs. Bostic in the whole year of 2013. It was a miserable effort in terms of an outreach project but we are moving forward and Mrs. Bostic still has an ownership stake in the project. 

On February 1st, 2014 I ventured back out to The Bostic Project, only now I am armed with the knowledge of a completed PDC and the addition of another Permaculture Practitioner, Nick Johnston. Nick completed the same Geoff Lawton PDC as I did and we finally found our way to making a personal connection. We both live only a few miles away from The Bostic Project and we met there this past Saturday to survey the site and  elvaluate steps to begin this seasons effort. Nick it is great to have you on board and I am looking forward to a productive connection with you. I am also excited to have connected with another person out of Williamsburg, Virginia who is currently plowing through the PDC offered Online through Cornell University. Williamsburg is about an hour away from the project. Exposure to Permaculture is growing and opportunity abounds. This coming Sunday Feb 9th we will bring together several people from the area and begin strategic project planning. 

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