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Weekly notes from Poopy!

Posted by Chris McLeod over 3 years ago

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Hi everyone! Long term readers know me as Poopy the Pomeranian. Although as anyone with half a brain can see, I am actually a sophisticated and very intelligent Swedish Lapphund.

Poopy the Pomeranian (who is actually a Swedish Lapphund) hard at work on this blog entry

Your usual correspondent, Chris, asked me to write this week’s blog because I have had the best week ever. This week it has rained, and then it rained some more. 92.4mm (or 3.6 inches) of rain fell this week to be precise. That rain was totally the best ever situation as I was able to rest and relax inside the comfort of the house all week long! Usually I sleep outside at night, but not this week. I love the rain. Bring it on, I say!

Each evening during the week, the wood fire has been going strong and I was toasty warm. As you can see in the photo above I have superior breeding (edit – Poopy was picked up as a "free to a good home" dog who had apparently been returned three times already due to his 'unique' personality) and a beautiful thick winter coat so I never really feel the cold, unlike the other dogs. Winter is my time!

When the wood heater wasn’t providing its toasty warmth to assist in my relaxation activities, Scritchy the boss dog would take advantage of my natural warmth and sit on me in order to keep warm. This is all very undignified, but it must be remembered that Scritchy is one mean boss dog and so I had to tolerate her proclivities otherwise I’d get a face full of bad attitude - and who wants that? Yup, that Scritchy is one real bad egg, but with a warm bottom.

Scritchy the boss dog warms her bottom on the naturally toasty Poopy during a recent cold snap

This week’s long sleep and relaxation has been well deserved. It is a tough thing being a working farm dog! There are rats to hunt. No matter how many of those rats I kill, there are always more. And they don’t taste very nice. Well, the truth is that I have a special arrangement with Chris who swaps dead rats for beef jerky. Now, beef jerky is tasty – rats, yeah, not so much. Due to my superior intelligence, if the other dogs ever catch a rat, I can confuse the other dogs with my super secret fluffy mind powers and then snatch the dead rat from their jaws and present it to Chris as if I had killed it. That is winning that is and I end up with the beef jerky and praise. The other dogs don't seem to share my joy.

However, the rats are a minor diversion as my true enemies are the wombats, wallabies, and kangaroos. Oh how they tremble in fear at my bark and stealthy approach. During the daylight hours and into the early evenings I run regular boundary patrols looking for any signs of marsupial incursions and dealing with those intruders. It is a tough and thankless job, but some dog has to do it.

Then on Friday morning at day break it all changed because I looked out the window from my comfy position on the bean bag - without exerting too much energy of course as that would be a total waste - and saw that the morning dawned cold and clear. There was even a collection of frost right down in the bottom of the valley. When you are hard at work keeping Scritchy the boss dog warm on the bean bag, the thought of all that cold air down there in the valley sends shivers along your spine.

As the rain had stopped for the day, I unfortunately had to go back to work.

Friday morning the day dawned bright, cold and clear

It wasn’t all bad news though because for some strange reason, Chris was awake at sun up that day, so I had my breakfast even earlier than usual. I love breakfast. Next to my dinner time biscuits, breakfast is the best.

Chris returned home from wherever he went at about lunch time that day and I could smell that he had stopped along the way at a gourmet pie shop. Where is my pie, that’s what I want to know? I would share my breakfast and dog biscuits with Chris if he asked, well maybe I wouldn’t actually do that, but then again I might share them. But then he has to share his gourmet pie first. Yeah, maybe I would share food under those circumstances.

Chris and the editor stopped at a most excellent gourmet pie shop on the recent journey to pick up new raised garden beds

The afternoon that day was glorious as the sun shone with a little bit of warmth, I did some excellent boundary patrol work, I threatened a few rats, and I even noticed that the bees were enjoying the winter sun too. All of the other dogs tell me to be careful with the bees, but I say to those bees: Try and sting me through this thick fur coat, suckers!

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