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For a vegetarian

Posted by Chris McLeod over 3 years ago

This blog is now available as an mp3 podcast through the link: Jul 25 - For a Vegetarian.mp3

Hope you are all enjoying the podcast. You can either listen to the podcast directly using your Internet browser or you can simply download (using the Save Link As option) the file to listen to later. Enjoy! Let's get on with the blog...

It is hard to believe that only a year ago, we were constructing the new chicken enclosure. The chickens here are very grateful (or, so I believe) for that new chicken enclosure as it provides them with an all-weather outdoor protected run which is attached to a sturdy steel hen house. There has been so much rain over the past few months, that had the chickens remained in their old enclosure (which was eventually converted to a firewood storage shed) that those chickens would have been unable to venture from their previous hen house as they would have huddled miserably in the doorway whilst contemplating the very muddy conditions – of which they wanted no part.

The new chicken enclosure however was constructed to withstand sub-optimal chicken weather and so now the chickens enjoy a charmed life and their health has improved markedly. The hen’s now turn their beaks up in disdain at snow or heavy downpours and simply get on with their important chicken business. Part of the new hen house and enclosure was constructed on a substantial concrete slab so that the chickens enjoy dry housing conditions despite the worst that the weather can throw at them. And I was thinking about this today as the rain fell and the wind blew, about just how hard it would be to construct that same concrete slab this year.

In the past two months 324mm (12.8 inches) of rain has fallen over the farm. Fortunately, this week in between bouts of rain, the sun has also shone. With the increased sun, the solar power system has been generating respectable amounts of power and the house batteries are starting the slow process of recharging. That sun combined with the rain has produced the most excellent display of rainbows this week!

Rainbows have been a regular feature this week over the farm as the heavy rain has combined with the sun

All of the water systems at the farm work towards getting every drop of water from whatever source into the soil. From there that water accumulates in the ground water table. Not everyone pursues this strategy and an alternative strategy with water is to move any water off to another location altogether as rapidly as possible. With the recent sudden increase in rainfall, I can see from this eagles eyrie high up on the mountain side, that there are many locations in the valley below where water is now pooling above the ground and forming what looks to me like a swamp.

Water is now pooling above the ground in some low lying paddocks in the valley below

In other parts of the valley it is now possible to see where the water moves across the surface through various paddocks.

In the valley below it has become possible to see where the water moves across the surface through the paddocks

The recent rain has given me time in recent weeks to turn my mind to stories and other philosophical matters.

One of the joys of writing this blog is the ongoing dialogue that is shared with the many thoughtful and intelligent commenters who take the time to post a comment. Many weeks ago now as part of that ongoing dialogue in the comment section, I received a very insightful comment which was: For a vegetarian, I consume a lot of meat.

My friends are likewise baffled by my philosophical stance in relation to the consumption of meat. Other people who discover my preference for consuming a predominantly vegetarian diet are also curious and confused about the issue.

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