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My background and foundation connecting me to permaculture is probably very atypical. Having been psychic since I was a young child and a mystic and a student of spiritual/psychological astrology since I was 19, led me to co-creating instead of recreating. I never considered my extrasensory awareness to be of other or out there or up there somewhere, but instead to be a natural, subjective, intrinsic expression and an unfolding process. I never felt we make things, we just nurture and support what there is.

I cannot say that I am now involved with Permaculture in any way which would really help our planet. I stumbled across your site in pursuit of a different interest and felt comfortable enough and associated enough with your goals, to sign up and possibly be inspired. I do however, have a background in landscaping and irrigation design (holding a certificate in irrigation) and installation, as I was a contractor in this field in Miami Florida. I had partnered with a close friend and business associate in an attempt to develop an already existing water conserving product, for use in more of a variety of situations. The product was made of recycled tires and irrigated underground. We developed installation techniques and usage far beyond the manufacturer's dreams, but he was not interested in anything other than selling franchises, without ever doing the necessary research, nor testing to develop the full potential of the product. In short he invented something with great potential, knew how popular a water conserving irrigation product would be and was pretty much just a scammer interested in quick bucks. Over a few years, we found inconsistency in the product manufacturing which caused my ethics to kick in, since too many projects were failing to meet ecpectation due to swelling, seemingly because of a lack of enough of a more expensive polymer being added. Otherwise, the product was fantastic and our tested and developed installation techniques, using manifolds and pressure regulators created perfectly effective and even irrigation, underground. I had always hoped to get involved at some time, to help/support perfecting the manufacturing of the materials for the product. During this time we had contracted many private and public installations. I had taught many local government public works department crews how to install, and was foreman on their projects. Wow, I had not even thought about this for a long time and had no thought of it when I started writing. It just started coming out. BTW, we did get as far as to get the entire state of Florida, through the DOT (department of transportation) to mandate its use on all median strips, but then soon after we both walked away from the business, not having capital to buy out the manufacturer in order to work on product development. That gentleman who originated the product, went out of business. However, there are now several companies manufacturing and selling this product for minimal usage, manufacturing it their selves, but none who have ever learned of or pursued the path we had taken. I hope I have not overdone it here.

I have no present permaculture activities and am only connected to horticulture at this time by my growing of a few family fruiting plants and propagating a few of the palm tree seeds from my yard. I am glad I came across your site. This all felt good to share. Thanks for letting me sign up.

After just reading about projects in my surrounding area, I would like to add that I am a reasonably good photographer, having been professional for a time and I have done portfolios for landscape and irrigation companies. Maybe I can be of use to you in this way if not others.

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