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Tommy Mikalson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Tommy Mikalson

Once upon a time little Tommy received a fir tree seedling in Grade 1 on "Arbor Day". With the help of his mother he planted that tree. Despite that one sliver of regenerative hope, his experience on earth to date has mainly been a destructive one. With permaculture he intends to change that.

Adolescent Tommy was fortunate to explore Europe, and with that he discovered the climate crisis (amongst other cultural things). From the climate crisis, his readings and personal research branched out to encompass clean energy, politics, economics, civilization collapse, and food. Somewhere along that path he came across a holistic world view that illustrated that the core problem was ecosystem malfunction. Tommy had a deficiency in permaculture knowledge. Enter present time.

Tommy has taken an intro course with Jesse Lemieux (Pacific Permaculture) and Adrian Buckley (Big Sky Permaculture). He is currently pursuing a PDC Course with Rob and Michelle Avis (Verge Permaculture).

Tommy's love interests include:
- his wife
- reading about the history of milk
- experimenting with wild fermentation
- foraging and seed saving wild edibles
- tinkering with bicycles
- and... one day hoping to help elderly people reclaim independence, purpose, and community through growing food with permaculture design.


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