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Daniel Halsey's Other Course Course Graduates

Daniel Halsey has 6 other course course graduates

Name Course Title Type Date Location Teachers
Tayler   headshot med Tayler Krawczyk Permaculture Homestead Design Certificate - Southwoods Permaculture Other Nov 2011 Victoria, BC Daniel Halsey
Img 0291 1 Steve Mann Adobe Illustrator for Permaculture and Ecological Design Other Nov 2014 Pittsburgh PA USA Daniel Halsey
Threesistergarden Matthew Stephens Forest Garden Design Gardening Nov 2014 Chicago Daniel Halsey
29791270 10155693441370000 6888828811676467378 n Jacqueline Edmiston Advanced Professional Permaculture Design Other May 2017 East London, South Africa Daniel Halsey
Me Dana Crawford Advanced Permaculture and Digital Design Other Jul 2019 Online Daniel Halsey
2020 07 25 Nathan Fournier Permaculture Professionals Illustrator Design Course Other Jun 2020 Online Daniel Halsey

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