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Quinta do Vale da Lama

Quinta do Vale da Lama

Odiáxere, PT

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Daily Life In Vale da Lama Institute - Part V

Posted by Walt Ludwick over 11 years ago

Daily works go on in Vale da Lama. Take a look at what we´re doing in the farm.

We had a two day workshop about home-made mushroom production.
We learned how to grow mushrooms and also installation on trees and beds, propagation, sterilization, choosing, identifying and harvesting species, evaluating nutritional values, forest species and different types of cultivation,

Home-made Mushroom Production with Pedro Prata.
In the classroom; sterilization process.

Students in practice; seed procriation.

Coffee dregs procriation.

Preparation of organic matter for beds / boxes of mushrooms (bamboo canes and carob beans mashed with almond peel, lime and water).

Beds / boxes of mushrooms preparation.

Procriation in trees.

The 5***** dry toilet was finished!

We harvest the latter corn and pomegranates as well as our queen pumpkin; usual harvests of vegetables and fruits continue, some of them are from the current season of the year: many quinces, different varieties of pepper, chard, chayote, tomatoes varied, beets, parsnips , amaranth ... a delight of colors and flavors.

The reconstruction works of the old houses are progressing well; new shelter was built for the winter.

We built an insect hotel; a "yurt" was prepared for more chickens while the resident chickens continue to do a good job of cleaning and fertilizing the vegetable gardens, another volunteer starts baking our delicious bread.

Barão fell in love with Nega, a visitor ... it takes two to tango;
Concha continues an unstoppable hunter, will always lookout for a mouse;
Legend, one of the cats, likes to drink fresh water coming out of the aquaponics.

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My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certificate
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Lesley Anne Martin
Location: Quinta do Vale da Lama
Date: Mar 2008

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