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Geoff Lawton


  • Joined: 23/01/2011
  • Last Updated: 02/04/2013
  • Location: The Channon, NSW, Australia
  • Climate Zone: Sub tropical
  • Gender: Male
  • Web site: www.geofflawton.com

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    Trinidad & Tobago Permaculture Institute Permaculture Institute Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge seghersecoplant; natural waterpurification systems and growery The Transformation of Our Urban Home The Centre for Urban Agriculture in Alberta



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About Geoff Lawton

Since 1995 i have specialized in permaculture education, design, implementation, system establishment, administration and community development.

In 1996 i was happy to be accredited with the Permaculture Community Services Award by the permaculture movement for services in Australia and around the world.

Since 1985, i have undertaken a large number of jobs, consulting, designing, teaching and implementing in over thirty countries around the world. Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-governmental organizations and multinational companies.

In October 1997 Bill Mollison, upon his retirement, asked me to establish and direct a new permaculture research institute of Australia (PRI Australia) on the 147-acre (0.59 km2) Tagari Farm. The site was developed over a period of three years and i established The Permaculture Research Institute as a global networking centre for permaculture projects. The institute is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. It is currently located at Zaytuna Farm at The Channon in Northern NSW, Australia where i am currently the managing director.

The institute has since founded PRI USA. Other permaculture research institutes that have been launched or are in the process of being launched include: PRI Jordan, PRI Canada, PRI Chile, PRI Turkey and PRI Afghanistan.

PRI Australia won the Humanitarian Water & Food Award for 2010 for their initiative “Greening the Desert“.

My aim is to establish self-replicating educational demonstration sites. I have educated over 6,000 students in the permaculture worldwide. My 'master plan' is to see aid projects being replicated as fast as possible to help ameliorate the growing food and water crisis.


2015 Online PDC

My once a year Online Permaculture Design Course is now OPEN! Visit http://bit.ly/1AGY7wG to join me on this life changing journey today. You can start watching the first week's course immediately. THANKS to everyone for the amazing support.

Posted about 1 year ago (8 comments)

The Rustbelt Collapse Video

Does history repeat itself?

Posted almost 2 years ago (2 comments)

GeoffLawton.com Update

Since my last post, we have been busy having had 10 more videos go live on GeoffLawton.com.

Posted almost 2 years ago (2 comments)

New Series of Free Videos!

We have created a new series of free videos designed to inspire you over this Christmas and New Year period.

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Free Geoff Lawton Permaculture Video - "5 Acre Abundance on a Budget"

I've been staggered by the reaction to my latest video I put up on the weekend. Check out the trailer on youtube. Over 500 comments with most people telling me its my best video yet.

Posted almost 3 years ago (2 comments)

Free Permaculture Videos

We're rolling out a series of free videos.

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How To Survive the Coming Crises (free Geoff Lawton video)

'How to Survive the Coming Crises' is a free 34-minute video that looks at:

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