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Mathieu Foudral
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Cayrols, cantal, France
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Ferme des Escuroux

Ferme des Escuroux

Cayrols, FR

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An old place for a new place

Posted by Mathieu Foudral about 10 years ago

News from my new perma-paradisiac place. An old farm (at last 18th century) ready for the future!

I'm pleased to present my new almost-2 acres paradise. Here is a blog post that present the place : http://prise2terre.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/belle-arrivee-pour-un-nouveau-depart/ it's in french, but some photos...


We could admit that future should look like the past, from an energetic point of view. So starting with a nearly complete 18th century farm a low energetic-based project seems a pretty good start.

Nearly 2 acres of wild meadows, forest, old edges, small river, drinkable source, stone ponds with an old gravity-based irrigation channels will help creating a permaculture farm with a deep sense of self-sufficiency...

This is a collective project (are 2 dudes numerous enough to be part of a collective projetc??) that will at last save the world.

The aim is to make that farm a permaculture and agroecology school. Maybe firsts permaculture initiations in late 2013?

Agroforestry, forest-gardens, fishes, mushrooms will probably be the main crops in this place. Chicken, ducks and goose will give also some life to this deserted place.

lots of work to do but, luckily, 2013 is just beggining and it'll be a very busy year!

Stay in touch on the blog, i'll regularly post about the advancement of the job, several perma courses i'll give and other stuff!

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