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Loveland, Colorado, United States
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Permaculture Design Course April 1st-April 13th

Posted by Patrick Padden over 11 years ago

This is going to be a high quality course hosted at the longest running intentional community in North America, Sunrise Ranch. Some of the important elements that students have the opportunity to witness include: mature food forests, production gardens,


Course Content

In this course, you will learn: regenerative design studies, full loop waste systems, food forest design and implementation, community scale fruit and vegetable production, plant propagation, greenhouse operations, home/community scale composting, fractal patterning application, water harvesting, pasture management, rotational grazing strategies and implementation, home scale permaculture, food preservation and storage, social permaculture and much more. This course will be teaching the permaculture curriculum originally established by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Click here to see a manual developed by the Permaculture Institute based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that we will be using in this course.  To see last year’s course syllabus, click here: 2012 PDC Agenda

Course Details

Dates and Times

Monday, April 1st -Saturday, April 13, 2013

Classes run daily from 8:45am- 5:30pm except on days with evening sessions when we end at 9:00pm. Lunch is served from 12:15 -1pm. (There will be some night sessions from 7:30-9pm, in which case dinner will be provided from 6:15-7pm. TBA)

There will be a combination of class time, field work and design work.

Tuition and Registration

Early bird tuition is $950 if registered before Feb 28 2013.  After that tuition is $1050. Tuition includes lunch daily during the course, official design course T-shirt, and an internationally recognized certificate of completion. Accommodation fees are: $350 for camping (including all meals) and $500 for a bed in a dorm room and all meals. Register online or call 970-679-4200 or 877-786-0078

For more information contact Patrick at [email protected] or 970-679-4318.
Click here for more information about internship opportunities at Sunrise Ranch.

Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado. Since 1945, Sunrise has lovingly stewarded the land and water as a ranch, farm, and intentional community.  Nestled in a valley between red sandstone and pine-covered granite hills, Sunrise Ranch has diverse ecologies, mature food forests, and an enduring integrative eco-social design. As an intentional, spiritually minded community of 70+ people, Sunrise values practical solutions for addressing issues of food and water security unique to this climate. In addition to the annual production garden, Sunrise has many established perennials as well as rotationally grazed grass fed beef, pastured chickens, goats, horses, and pigs.

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