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Continuing process to catch water

Posted by Anna Hopping over 8 years ago

Learning more information and how I steps taken

I found the rain harvesting vol. 1 book and read it. I realized that the principle of storing water in the ground at the sight where it could be used for trees. That was exciting to me to realize this. I was motivated to work even more on my basins.


Nest spring; I replanted hawthorn along the North fence and connected the basins with a ditch. Then connecting the smaller basins into one long basin.


I planted 3 wild cherry bushes right after the 2nd channel from the East road. I dug out the top layer and then took out a 2nd layer and used that to put in pathways loosened the soil with a digging fork and put the top layer back on and mulched it with wood chips


I order vol. 2 of rain harvesting. Some where in this year


Result was that year the cherries did the best and the hawthorn survived but they did not do as well. I notice when I planted the hawthorn that there was one I had planed before had survived in dormancy, it was just broken off.  The apple tree survived but other trees in west yard did not make it.


Now I am learning about water flow I noticed that the water ran straight into a corner of my house and that was why it was settling and cracking. So I now had a new project to work on. I decide to raise my walk and that would create a barrier to the water coming into the west yard through the drive and I could also walk out of the water when it rained. So I took subsoil and raised my West walk. Since I wanted to have wheel chair access to my house I decided to raise the walk to entrance height. I left areas to have over flow and created little bridges over these. Now I had a walk bridge. I could always raise the level of the yard with compost.


I was beginning to see what is there but I still was not seeing it as it was and later I learned I needed to change some things because I failed to see the slop within the larger slope; More on that later.


We were not having rains during this time so I was not able to see how well things were working.


Each time we had a little rain I would work a little more on the channels into the yard from the roads and beef up the berms. In the ally they are driven on and so I had to build them up a few times till they remained with the ally traffic.

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