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21st May 2014 _Landscape Surveying Done!

Posted by Miron Barabakh over 5 years ago

Some headache at the begining, but at the end we did it! sticks prepared, surveying executed.

There was no axe at the beginning, so I thoutgh of making just Blocks of wood to Drop on the countour points, and mark with coloured rope.
...thanks god we found an axe, and i actually found out that the grass was taller than i expected. So i had to make new sticks, Longer.
but after a few days of going around with heavy backpack full of wood hammering sticks in the field, roaming to find where the "countourline" was leading..
we found out that from the lowest side of the property (north) to the higher side (where zone1 is) there is roughly not more than 80cm of difference. . .
80cm of difference in 450meters...  Holland! x.x 
We couldnt find a laser level, and a friend borrowed us this optical one for free.. so I taugh the owner how to use it, and he was the snyper. 
it was fast. Just 2lines in the whole property.
Waiting for Keyline and Holistic Management pdfs to be printed, and then studying will begin. 

Wroom wroomsaw Lot of stakes Img675 Me on stick Eddy on level

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