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Red Mesa , AZ, United States
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The Southwest Permaculture Coalition

Posted by Kevin Martin over 9 years ago

It is our mission to develop sustainable living systems within The Four corners region. We seek to establish a new approach to ecological design, wherein a ecological balance be gained through a lifestyle built around the ecosystem, and in harmony with i

At one time, all Nations were very close to the spiritual connection of the land.  We have sat idly by and become victims of poverty and degradation within our own lands.

It is our vision that we regain our spiritual connection to the elements of our mother the earth.  By embracing the wisdom of all races, sustainable living will be born again and all people will once again live in abundance.

We are developing a platform for the community and region to participate in a multiagency /community event to bring awareness and networking to people of the southwest.

By using the Navajo cultural representatives, community leaders, educational leaders, area service providers, and the political /economic offices of the Navajo Nation, it is our hope to develop the beginnings of the a strong economic base of cooperation utilizing the resources of experts in the Permaculture field, and the financial, cultural support of the Navajo people. From a demonstrated project funding sources and collaborative relationships will be fostered with private, state and federal resources.

It is our intention to help establish a regenerative system within the southwest, so that all people within the area will begin to heal the land and create a sustainable manner of living. Please join us in full filling this vision.

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