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Jasmina Bogucanin-Sarvan
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Derventa, Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Warm Temperate
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Healing biotope in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Posted by Jasmina Bogucanin-Sarvan almost 7 years ago

We are a small vegan family, that lives in beautiful nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lady of the house is a full time mum, blogger, published book author and a social worker, father is an excellent carpenter, a great handyman, girl of the house is the happiness of the home...

We practice natural parenting and minimalist lifestyle. We went off grid to get back to our NATURE, and we are succeeding so far. Our biggest wish is to show to people how easy it is to leave the big cities and get back to nature. How happy and blessed we can be with owning very little.

We do not use any chemical products, we make all by ourselves.

Main goal and long term plan is to become 100% self efficient and sustainable. Idea with volunteers is great for us because we are getting help we need, and we are offering them to see and live in another perspective of life.

We have 2 goats, 4 cats, 1 dog, 12 chicken, 2 geese, and plan to get donkeys, sheep and horses.

We have 2 gardens, one big straw bale garden that is more looking like a food forest for now, and one old fashion garden that we recently planted closer to the house. We have a young orchard and plenty of fruit trees around our estate and on it.

We have solar shower and forest toilet.

We have a big land where we practice permaculture and life according to nature. We are very open to any creative ideas and sharing experience with our volunteers. We are open to learning new things that you have to offer.

We would love to have a long term volunteer but everyone passing by is welcome to stay for a few weeks.

Come stay with us to get some of our life passion and love we love to spread. At our place you can enjoy peace and quiet that you can only experience in intact nature. Wake up with birds go to sleep with sound of different animals...


Gardening, building, cleaning, animal care, helping out with our toddler and sometimes helping with guests staying with us.

Currently we have several projects going on:

*️️️️ braiding a fence in the field that will goat proof the young orchard and the garden, then the goats can have their own part of the land to be free.
*️️️️ we are making outside compost toilets
*️️️️ making several more solar showers
*️️️️building wooden cabins, teepee tents
*️️️️ building straw bale house
*️️️️ constructing a greenhouse

We are very much open to any ideas and suggestions volunteers might have and then we just make magic happen

Check us out on facebook

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