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Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia
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Sub tropical

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Permaculture Design Course, Bali, Indonesia

Posted by Evan Baker over 6 years ago

Permaculture Through The Heart

1st May 2018

Permaculture provides a design system which allows us to move deeply into our abused eco-systems and release their inherent potential. Ethics of earth care, people care and sharing surplus are its unique contribution in todays world. They directly point the way to enter the new paradigm, from survival and lack of, to abundance and sharing.


Bill Mollisons 72 hours teaching, is embedded in an empowering approach to Self and others, leading to design and implementing your own project with a heightened sense of awareness and deepened values. This course is offered in three parts with a day break in between each part. These include: Encounter with Nature and Earth, Heart and Hands onto Soil and Nature, Multifaceted Design Concepts including Space and Time. Each day is embedded with a morning yoga class and an evening heart meditation.


You will learn the core aspects of permaculture including Ethics and Principles, Land Management, Water Management, Food Production and Ecological Design as well as much more. In addition to these practical concepts, as part of the Permaculture Through the Heart PDC we seek to encourage inner growth with relevance to the heart and empowering the self.


These topics will be taught by an Australian Evan Baker, a German American Margret Rueflfer, and an Indonesian Johannes Wibowo. The course will be facilitated at lovely Jiwa Damai in the town of Mambal, Bali. The full course PDC comes at a cost of $1060 AUD, however options are available to do the first and second parts separately. A choice of accommodation is available for an additional fee. Please see jiwadamai.net for details.

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