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Upcoming PDC in Costa Rican Jungle at VerdEnergia

Posted by Melissa Sonntag 9 months ago

June 15th - July 7th, VerdEnergia, a permaculture farm and community nestled in the Costa Rican jungle, will be holding a 3-week long Permaculture Design Course (PDC). I took the course back in January, and it was truly eye-opening and changed so much about the way I see the world and my role in it. So come down and join me in the jungle to learn about reforestation, agroforestry, environmental planning, and regenerative agriculture :) More details below:

This is a 21-day intensive immersion course exploring the theories outlined in Bill Mollison’s "Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual" in both hands-on and classroom settings. The curriculum covers regenerative practices as well as design theory and the basics of design consultation on a professional level. Our well-rounded permaculture courses cover the many facets of permaculture and focus on practical solutions in agriculture, building and design, economics, social sciences and politics. Fresh, local food, daily immersive yoga classes and access to gorgeous ecovillage facilities are included in basic course costs.

Why VerdEnergia?

In general, permaculture courses at other places teach theory combined with some hands-on practice, but offer few practical solutions as to how one can use permaculture to meet basic needs and produce a long-term livelihood. At Verde, permaculture is not a hobby or just a class we teach, it is our way of life. With the guidance of permaculture principles, VerdEnergia is pioneering a cooperative business and economic model to help revitalize a low-income community situated in one of the most heavily deforested areas of Costa Rica. As a result of our location and community spirit, our students gain a unique insight into the reality of permaculture as daily life and reforestation as life’s work. Together we are pioneering a community-based, regenerative economic model with permaculture principles acting as our guide and unifying tool.

Additionally, Verde is engaging in a new kind of “venture philanthropy” that combines economic and social principles to explore new ways of funding projects through blockchain technology and regenerative resource management practices. Verde’s PDC gives students a unique opportunity to engage with the leaders of Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management, the pioneering organization that is reclaiming global sovereignty from extractive industries and corporations through open-sourced partnership systems built on the regeneration of natural capital.

Email [email protected] with questions, and I hope to see you in June!

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My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Marc Tobin
Other Teachers: Steven Ganister
Location: VerdEnergia Pacifica, Costa Rica
Date: Jan 2018

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