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Call for property to develop permaculture project in Europe

Posted by Felix Garbe 12 months ago

Hello everybody!

We are Hanna & Felix, two mid-twenties from Germany. Right now, we are traveling through South America in search for some land to start a self-sufficient farm & join the reforestation movement. We have decided to come here after living on a farm in Northern California for one year. Originally, we abandoned our European life in the course of learning enough about the current state of the planet & the crises ahead of us. Being too young to ignore that outlook (though this crisis is global and age does not play a role in responsibility), we decided we had to fundamentally change our lives & join the efforts to fight the upcoming catastrophe. Hence, we are set to dedicate our time & energy to promoting life in all its forms – permaculture being the perfect tool to work towards a greener & healthier world.

By now, we have to change course in one respect: We have to come back to our home land Europe. We have a group of friends & family who would also join our efforts in case we find a proper piece of land to start with. Hence, we now begin our search, especially in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Our advantage is that we don’t need a “good” piece of land at all. We are looking for the challenge to bring life to a place that is not already abundant of it or even especially suitable. Our aim is to experiment with ways & methods to grow plants in preparation for a future without fossil fuels. We want to start with at least 10 hectares, but the final scale of the project depends on the number of people involved.

Please, if you can help us find a place to begin our journey towards a more beautiful world, get in touch with us.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hanna & Felix

Please send us an email to [email protected]

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