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Tunisia Food Forrest Consultancy- Bekelta

Posted by Benson Anthony about 1 month ago

Below are some photos from a consultancy in Tunisia. I was asked to design and install a small scale Food Forrest system and wildflower pollination tunnel for a client in 2019. The photos are post online assesment and design where I was flown out to install and teach the client on how to manage the system. Wondeful opportunity to see northern Africa and experience directly the Mediterranean effect on systems. Thriving to this day, very happy and proud of the work here. Many production tree's were already in place but lacked the necessary support species and were struggling. With carefully designed interplanting and a strategic chop and drop schedule we hope to boost these production trees over the coming years and increase soil fertility and humus. Very fertile soil on site, just needs the opportunity to "re-activate". 

Local landwork/farming knowlege in this region is dense, and the dominant culture and livlihood of the people in Bekalta depends on agriculture. Talkign with local people and getting their advice which has been passed on through countless generations was invaluable and aided my design in ways I couldnt have imagined. 

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Milkwood: Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation
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Date: Feb 2019
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Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: Zaytuna Farm
Date: Nov 2018
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Greening The Desert- PRI 2019
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Other Teachers: istvan markuly
Location: "Greening The Desert" Site, Jordan
Date: Nov 2019
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