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Terre & Vie

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Urban, Commercial

Project Summary

Green Waste Composting Platform

Project Description

Currently, in Nouméa, New Caledonia there is about 170 000 people living in a growing city.

Beautiful Nouméa


Unfortunately the city is not ready to treat all the wast, and there is no large scale recycling policy yet. That basically means that even the green waste (a good resource as all permies knows) is put into the landfill mixed with plastic, metal, other organic material, and so on...


The Landfill


After an internship at Zaytuna Farm, Bertille (my wife) and I came back full of good ideas to help our country to find simple solutions. Bertille start a large scale garden, to be able to teach how to grow food organically in the tropics, and I start working in making a small scale composting platform, treating green waste.

To make a long story short, after two weeks of working that concept I was in front of the owner of the company who treat all the waste of Nouméa and suburbs! The need to finding solutions was so urgent, and I was at the good spot at the good time. He simply told me to continue with my project, but for a 3000 tonnes/year platform!