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Florian Desbois
La Rochelle, France
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Florian Desbois

I'm 28 years old and i'm a traveler. I was a software developer and quit my materialist life one year ago to travel and live in south america. After a trip through Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Guiana francesa, Colombia, i'm back in Uruguay to live a bit. We wanted with a french friend to open a business here in Uruguay, but it's difficult and finally i want to continue traveling.
I eard about the permaculture from an argentinian friend who told me and my other french friend how she think about communities and the way to live with permaculture, building the houses in adobe, living next to the nature, etc...
I found that incredible, so simple, so natural, why are we still stuck in the cities this way ? with the politicals and other annoying jobs, like developping software ! Now i prefer cooking, and i hope in the future i will grow my own stuffs.
But i still want to travel and now i find a good way to continue my journey, meet people who build things with permaculture and film that to show to France or other interested people how is it doable to do a such thing, and further how is it necessary in the current world we live.


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