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Phil Garozzo
New York City, NY, United States
Climate Zone:
Sub tropical

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Community Cultivators Eco dome for a Classroom at the Waldorf school San Miguel
Jody Wall
Geoff Lawton
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About Phil Garozzo

My name is Phil and Im 23 years old. I come from Brisbane Australia where I have been working for several years as a professional barista. I am a University Graduate of Business and currently have a great desire to learn about permaculture design.

Over the last few years I have undertaken independent research on various areas of economics, politics and environmental issues, and the deeper I fell into this, the more and more disillusioned I became with the very real ailments of our weary world. I came to realise the only way to effect any sort of change was to build a life representing a positive example for change, living the way one believes the world should be.
I started to think about how my global perspective could be applied on a local scale - hence, without realising it, engaging the primary principle of permaculture - Think global act local.

I am currently travelling through the USA and have my first farm stay at a permaculture institute in North Carolina. I then plan to head down into Mexico and Central America, where I'll continue to work on farms and gain further permaculture experience.


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