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Steve Cobian
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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Yucatan Permaculture Experiment
Citlali Romano
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About Steve Cobian

I'm of good health and clear mind in my 50's.
Grew up in a hard working middle class family in the friendly isolated small midwestern town of Prescott Wi. After dropping out of college I went to work a Koch Oil Refinery which was my background for my career as a National Board Certified Inspector of Boilers & machinery. Lots of traveling, recently to Alaska, always making modest livable wage, isolation, freedom to dream, and mindfulness of learning by my many mistakes. Marriage - devoice - no kids. Bought, fixed up and sold many houses always with a green touch. Practicing yoga, joy, and kindness for 25 years.

For 35 years I've been an activist for the earth, environment and people. At the same time I have expanded my travels to include Tulum. Today I'm tired and grown inside with a bit too much isolation and mediation. Taking yoga off the mat and awaken to being human - I connect to the earth and co-birth life.

The 120 year old house and land in MN is done in somewhat of a sustainable way - multi-units, rain gardens, grass removal for perennials and fruit trees, skylights, passive solar.

10 years ago I gave money for land in Tulum MX, but other than clearing the jungle on my sporadic yearly visits and camping on the land its not developed.

Now! Maybe the time to act on the development & share my land in Tulum as a small Dharma Retreat Center. This quiet location is 1/2 mile to the warm Caribbean Ocean. The vision is using a more sustainable practice with solar, permaculture and transition town wisdom!


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