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Henk van der Weijst
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Zevenbergen, Netherlands
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Cool Temperate

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About Henk van der Weijst

I am born in 1952. As a child I dreamt many times that green leaves grew on my fingers. A prediction that I had to do something with leaves!? I tried to do agro foresting and making buildings with only trees. Since a few years I adopted the artist name "NatureArchitects". The trees are my architects, and I am the thankfull translater into today's usefull translations.
Looking at my Avatar, many buggs showed us for millions of years how it could be done, with many nice results. They use genetic manipulation, to ask the tree to build there houses. Easy for those mini brains. Far to difficult for our big brains. But using simple 3-D information of a growing tree (direction of the sunlight and gravity), we are able to let the trees grow in planned directions. Place many of those elements together in a nice open 3-D shape, and the tree grows it all together to one big tree ...... and object.


Strawberry tree.

Like all schools, the permaculture schoola are conservative. I want to bring many realy new things,not to learn, but to think about it, or you would like it or not. For example: strawberry trees.

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