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Jamie Cummings
Provo, UT, United States
Climate Zone:
Semi Arid

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About Jamie Cummings

I've always loved growing things. In college I irritated my roommates with tomatoes and peppers on my balcony. I finally have my own house and have gradually started building up my garden. Now I perplex my neighbors with kale and tomatoes in the front yard.

I started getting into permaculture after reading an article about people who were fined by their city for having a front yard garden. This was at a point when I was house-hunting and dreaming of all the possibilities. I started researching a great deal about gardening in general and came across permaculture.

Today I'm approaching my second year in my own home and I'm finding it difficult to get started just because of up front costs. My first year in the house I put my tomatoes and peppers in my front yard, hidden behind some shurbs. Last year in desperation I put kale and herbs in the front yard as well, because time and money issues left that as the most cared for space. I also picked up three chickens, planted 6 fruit treed, and started a worm bin in my garage, which moved to my kitchen this winter. This year I'm hoping to add three more chickens and some honey bees. All this I try to do in consideration of my neighbors.


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