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Gert Janse van Rensburg
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Warm Temperate
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About Gert Janse van Rensburg

I am a minister of religion turned spiritual naturalist. The way we live is not sustainable and we are destroying the planet. This I realized while working in churches across South Africa and Canada. I grew up on a dairy farm in Africa and nature and the African soil is in my blood. I shiver when I see what Escom (South African power company) had done and is still doing to the Highveld of South Africa with their coal power stations. This is the open fields I have grown up in. Pollution and open cast coal mines changed the land completely.
Rather than criticizing I decided to be the change I want to see in South Africa. When I came in contact with Permaculture on the internet I immediately recognized the benefits for our country and region.
My partner and I had recently bought a 21 ha piece of Africa close to the capitol Pretoria. Here we are starting our own eden in Africa with permaculture, off-the-grid solar energy and self sustainable living. It will take a couple of years to get everything where we want it but to be on this journey is part of my life's dream and contribution to mother earth.


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