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Frank Antonson
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Bedford, Pennsylvania, United States
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Cold Temperate
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About Frank Antonson

I live in south central Pennsylvania on a very scenic "farm" which has the history once having been a village and an iron-mining site. My wife and I now own 37 acres exactly where that village once was. My grandfather had once owned 600 acres, but other family members own the rest of it now.
I have an extensive gravity irrigation system which I have been making since about 1983. This is mostly used for pasture, but I have recently begun to also garden with zigzag pallet "fences" and tires, built on perfect contours much as terraces. Within the tires I can put the good soil that the ground does not have.
Also I have about 20 sites ready for waterwheels, from small (ca 3 foot) to large (ca 10 foot), but the water is not available in late summer and early fall.
What is probably most different about my approach is that I intend to include many small shops for tradesmen in what I call "The Old and Other Ways Museum." I estimate that I will have about 10 separate tiny buildings for some of those trades, but also two large barns that will contain various shops.
I teach for free on a Youtube Channel. If you search "Frank's School", you will find about 1200 videos -- all of them in some way related to "decentralism". The playlists as courses can help you zero in.


Decentralist Writings

Works I wrote in the early 1970's

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My past

Harvard, Peace Corps Brazil, etc.

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