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Lani Edghill
St. Michael, Not in USA, Barbados
Climate Zone:
Wet/Dry Tropical

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About Lani Edghill

Lani loves the natural world and all the intricate connections in it. Her passion for the environment and everything 'green' started from a young age growing up on the beach in Barbados and carried through to her academic and professional life.

Lani was always interested in the relationship between humans and their built and natural environments. She studied in the US at the University of Utah where she graduated with a BSc in Environmental Studies and Phychology linking those two subject areas through her real love and passion for architecture and planning. As a result of her passions and interets in 2009 Lani graduated from Portland State University with Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (with a focus on environment).

While living in the US and since returning to Barbados Lani has been involved in many successful and progressive projects such as local and international recycling programs, green streets projects, Smart City projects, community garden projects and education programmes, a green building project, Green Business Barbados and finally through her own business Ecologic Organics.

In many ways being an Environmental Planner means being a generalist. Today in her life, her work is manifested in the form of planning consulting, permaculture gardens, hiking tours, heirlooms seeds and plants, yoga, locally made juices, bush teas and vegan soups. She also works with many local organizations such as Slow Food Barbados, The Barbados National Trust, TEDx Bridgetown and the Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute to continue to build a more sustainable future.


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