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Joshua Dean
Birmingham, AL, United States
Climate Zone:
Sub tropical

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Red Hollow Farm

Red Hollow Farm

Birmingham, US


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Red Hollow Farm Birmingham Permaculture Network
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About Joshua Dean

My ole man always kept a garden when I was growing up. I would help him some, and always maintained a mild interest. Then when I was 17, my dad let our plot rest. The next year, he wasn't going to do anything either, so I took it upon myself to take over. I really enjoyed that summer, planning and planting and watching everything come up.

I moved away from home that year, leaving the garden in the early fall to the care of some neighbors. I went to school, started a construction company, got married and had kids. My wife and I's home was not conducive to any big gardening efforts, so for the past 5 years, I have kept a very small plot that I nurtured.

My wife and I just bought a 2.5 acre piece of property. David Hayes , another Birmingham area permaculturist, and the guy who introduced to me to all this, is currently helping me design the property and create a plan for the land to be something that has an abundance that also feeds my family. I look forward to connect with all of you on here.


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