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Casey Scogin
Westminster, CO, United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Desert

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About Casey Scogin

I am a successful business manager with a love of self sustainability. I try to learn something new every day. The desire to learn as well as take care of my family and myself has lead me to permaculture.
I began hearing about permaculture while listening to podcasts on self sufficiency. I quickly became very interested in everything permaculture has to offer. I then attended Geoff Lawton's first online PDC and have been trying to learn and expand my knowledge from there.
I live on a small suburban lot and am trying to convert it from a typical green grass yard to a food forest that can provide for my family as well as our neighbors. My plan is to spread suburban permaculture by using my property as a demonstration site for what can be done in suburbia.
From there I hope to become a permaculture consultant to further spread the idea that we can live healthy and sustainable lifestyles while taking care of the earth.


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