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Devin Lyttle
Glen Rock, PA, United States
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Cool Temperate

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Random Farm The Omv Experience Buri Ram Project Sangob Permaculture New Land Project The Yoga Forest Rancho Delicioso Guatemalan Earthship on 3 acre coffee farm Demonstration garden for the dry tropics in the highlands of Nicaragua
Geoff Lawton
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About Devin Lyttle

My professional experience is in graphic arts/product design, and have spent the past fifteen years working (albeit intermittently) in that capacity. The past five years have been spent working as a self-made entrepreneur developing socially/environmentally conscious businesses, with a focus on community empowerment and plastic pollution.

More recently, however, in an effort to work more closely with the earth, I've begun immersing myself in studies surrounding biointensive gardening, agroforestry, natural building and permaculture design, with a specific interest in soil remediation and the development of self-replicating systems. I'm excited about the possibilities permaculture offers in restoring our ecosystem while lessening the mindless and irresponsible consumption of natural resources by the human species.

I would be extremely interested in applying the knowledge I've acquired thus far—while gladly taking instruction from those more knowledgable—toward ecosystem restoration and the establishment of sustainable communities that serve as stewards of the land they occupy. These are concepts that resonate with me deeply and I am eager to absorb as much knowledge as I can to be able to pursue some of my own projects in the future.


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