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Hari Wilkinson
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bern, Switzerland
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Cold Temperate
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La Decentrale

La Decentrale

Mont Soleil, CH


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Central France Ferme des Escuroux Le chant des cerises Ferme Le Domaine Permacultura Aralar Carmen and Juan's Land Bio Arc Infiesto Quinto do Barbeito Campo escola Plataforma de Permacultura Casa Amarela vetusta Petas Vamos Verde
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About Hari Wilkinson

Hi im Hari, I was raised in a community of travelers and general hippie alternative types, this fueled my passion for sustainable living and gave me the ability to see value where others didn't and that helped my find my way into permaculture.
I am currently involved in the La Decentrale project in Switzerland which aims at helping others realize there visions in regards to living by permaculture principles, but more about that on our project page.
In addition to this I am a radio host at Attention Please radio, a online radio station which plays underground music and reports on news in the permaculture community along with other things.
I am always looking to travel to new communities and projects living by permaculture principles in order to gain new insight and pass on insight and knowledge I have gained from others.
I have practical knowledge in areas such as agriculture, house building, plant medicine, mini-engineering (designing small sustainable devices such as water filters using plants and tin can solar heaters) and I am always looking to expand my knowledge base.
Peace, love and other nice sounding words! :D



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