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Ian Gordon
Seoul, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
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About Ian Gordon

I am an emigre Scot, living and working in Seoul as a visiting English Professor at Chung-Ang University. I am married to a Korean woman and we have a 5 year old son.

I'm not currently involved in Permaculture, but would wish to be. I came across Permaculture while doing an M.A. in International Cooperation, with a specialisation in Development, at Yonsei University, where my thesis was on the problems facing Korean farmers under the threat of agricultural market opening. In truth, I rather stumbled onto Peramculture while researching other similar systems, namely Z.E.R.I. and Dr. Cho Han Kyu's Korean Natural Farming methodology.

I have never been engaged in a Permaculture Project but earnestly wish to be. I'm afraid I have basically zero practical experience. On the plus side, I frequently work for Korea's agricultural representative to the OECD, Dr. Kim Chang Gil, who is currently chairman of the Agricultural Committee and Korea's leading scientific advisor on Korean agricultural adaptation to climate change. Additionally, I have department head contacts in the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. I can generally get answers to questions about Korean agriculture and regulations that would be entirely out of reach of most people.

Additionally, I have recently inherited a tiny plot of land and a small farmhouse in Chungcheon Namdo, which I would like to develop into a Permaculture showcase site.


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