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Robin Greenwood
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London, United Kingdom
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About Robin Greenwood

Robin hasn't not done a formal Permaculture design course, however he can see the usefulness of this system, its potential for 'social inclusiveness' for real, not just a meaningless slogan, its use in developing nations to provide sane development instead of the usual unregulated free enterprise mania type 'development', and its potential in free sharing systems, outside the money system, even.

So. What have I done of land type work? Well I have 2 areas of land in the UK which are being planted with fruit and nut trees in various ways. I am also well into Forest Gardens, and am working on 3(ish) on private land.

I've been to India twice, hiking through some of Lahaul and Spiti, Kerala and Goa last summer. The potential for permaculture was apparent throughtout as was the potential for mass shift in consciousness to that of self help free sharing anarchist collective projects, as well as collective (workers co-op) free enterprise projects. Its the former I'm more into I think...knowing as I do rather too much than is good for the innocent mind about the reality of 'babylon system'. To this end I've started putting details of my work, experience and findings up on a free sharing riseup! group, here:


It's not my forum its whoever joins.

Sorry, but currently you'll need to join the we.riseup.net network in order to view photo files...only takes a moment or two.

..other stuf there also, check it out and join!

Share and enjoy!



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