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Jasmin Gravador
Grand Cayman, NorthSide, Cayman Islands
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Citrus Grove Cottage Aloha Ranch and Organic Farm Backyard Permaculture
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About Jasmin Gravador

2007, I started working to a farmer's household in the Cayman Islands. My job is more on tending to the vegetables and fruits harvested from the farm, from preparation to selling and to using whatever came back from the shop - to the bakery and cooking. Almost nine years in this place, I learned the importance of having to grow and consume you own food. Add to that the the everyday trend you see on the internet about junks that we eat, nasty diseases, getting fit and being healthy. Then it became a trend here in the Cayman Islands to eat locally grown produce, hence a boost to local farmers.

I first heard of the word "permaculture" from a church brother, back in 2013 when I was at my first trimester of Yoga teacher training course and all hyped out about simple, non-conventional and healthy lifestyle that of a hippie - eating beans and greens, drinking teas and kombucha and meditating daily. I did not finish the said course and I am now hoping that my life is heading on to a much better path.

Next year September, I will be going back to my hometown in the Philippines. My family owns a ten-hectare land which I am looking forward to be putting some hardwork and maybe years and years from now, develop one permaculture site. I still have a lot to earn and learn. Let's see where the roads will take me.


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