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Abigail Zylla


  • Joined: 14/04/2011
  • Location: Georgia, United States
  • Climate Zone: Warm Temperate
  • Gender: Female

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About Abigail Zylla

I’m a 24-year-old who recently earned my undergraduate degree studying cultural and environmental anthropology (with minors in Geography, Women’s Studies, and Religion; and certificates in Environmental Ethics and Global Studies). I’ve been in Fiji since September 2010 working on an independent project under a Fulbright grant (a case-study on discourse and practice of “sustainability” in community-based marine conservation and eco-tourism). Once the grant term is done, I’d ideally like to find a job (or internship where I can at least break-even) doing social, environmental, and/or political action work – I’m more of an activist than an academic at heart, and am ready to find a project to dive into.

My aim now is to explore programs I could potentially get involved in (long-term) and connect with people with similar drives and interests who I might be able to collaborate with… I’m very particular about the sorts of programs I would like to become involved with and devote my energies to – I’m looking for something I can be excited about and feel driven to work toward (hopefully for more than just a short-term gig), without feeling that nuances of the program conflict with my own values and (theoretically) critical perspective.

I’m most passionate about local-scale community empowerment, women’s rights and empowerment movements, indigenous rights, environmental conservation and environmental justice programs, and holistic sustainable food/waste system projects… I’m most interested in getting involved with socially and politically conscientious movements – preferably those with grass-roots and community-based groundings. I have very little experience with permaculture projects/programs thus far (am rather new to the movement), but am very interested in getting more involved!

Past experiences:
Visual design/illustration
Childcare and education (babysitting, after-school programs for elementary and middle school youth)
Curriculum development (small-scale, for the educational wing of an Ecology Research Station)
Management/spearheading organizations, projects, and events (started and directed a number of student organizations and local nonprofits while in University)
Some experience with food gardens (personal and community projects)
Ethnographic research (two ten-month independent projects)

Have experience with both front-line leadership and the behind-the-scenes work in small-scale organizations
Have experience with organization and planning (student groups, local nonprofits)
Motivated toward social, political, and ecological activism, and willing to do tedious, challenging work for a cause I believe in
Patient and open-minded, able to work well in a collaborative group
Hold a Critical perspective – will not simply accept a project or idea without investigating both the idea and my own biases
Driven and hard-working, without being aggressive, controlling, or impatient – not particularly strong-armed (physically), but dedicated and will finish anything I start.
Creative -- both visually (experience with artwork and design) and in terms of problem-solving and conflict resolution
Capable of simultaneously honing in on details and remaining big-picture oriented
Not particularly demanding (as long as basic necessities are covered, I’m happy to live simply and do without ‘the extras’)