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Debora achieng Nembi
Rangwe, Kenya, Kenya
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Cool Temperate
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About Debora achieng Nembi

Debora is the founder of Tangneduk agroforest youth group which is a complex project and with special particularities due to the combination of education and sustainable organic farming
to support the community. The tasks are split as follows:
-Teaching at the day care orphanage school
-Permaculture farming and gardening
-Eco village project
-Environmental projects
-Community development,
Am the project co-ordinator here situated The exact location is in the Nyanza province. Rangwe Division-Central Kochia - West of Kenya.in arural village called kawiya.

Debora are fully embedded into the big picture of the project Tang’neduk of sustainable farming combined with school to improve conditions of life in the community. The tasks are part of the overall project having the farm as critical to survive and the school playing the main role of educating the children that represent the next generation. Volunteers holding knowledge or experience in Hospitality are highly required. The rest of students or professionals are more than welcome as well.
Debora are also thinking about two different levels or types of volunteers at this stage:
Basic profile:
To help only at school and/or farming.
Advanced profile:
Those with past experiences in other projects with permaculture Network or in other social organizations. A valuable work can be done in terms of steps to be achieved for getting funds or news perspectives and ways to look for any kind of aid and support.


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