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Michiel Lambrix
Tongeren, Limburg, Belgium
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Michiel Lambrix

i'm Michiel, a 21yo from belgium
i discovered permaculture recently andi haven't had an expierince in my life yet where i was so eager to learn about.
i didn't do well at school cause there wasn't much intresting stuff to be learnt.
i found a youtube serie with a total of 40 lessons by Bill and Geoff
how i would like my future to look like ???
i wish i could start desinging the land i asked my grandparents to use
if possible i would like to be able to live from the property but also be able to show ppl how it could be done in there own garden.
maybe eventualy be able to teach people myself
my life time dream is to be able to see the world, not to visit big citys or monuments, i'm jsut in it for nature in its full beauty.
during my teenage years i discoverd that if i didn't hurry, most of the beauty could be gone.
i haven't had many possitive reactions from ppl when i started talking about my new found way of living in harmony with nature and ppl.
but id love to prove them that its possible to live in harmony with the right desing.
who ever wants to talk to me add me on skype i'm availble for alot of time mainly watching more videos about permaculture.


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