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Chris Ripley
Tabua, Coimbra, Portugal
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Warm Temperate

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About Chris Ripley

Permaculture Inspiration is my life project in central Portugal with a 2 hectare farm. Straw bale building, water management, forest garden, off grid solar, home schooling and food growing are the main activities on the farm.

Now the straw bale house is nearly finished we will be starting to teach PDC´s here on the farm. We will be hosting natural building workshops as well.

I completed my first PDC in Spain with Stever Charter at a project called Ecoforest in 2004. I was inspired to try buy some land in Spain or Portugal and start growing and building. I found a beautiful farm in central Portugal with a stream and two ruins and planted a small forest garden and started to build a straw bale house in 2006.

I have been teaching with Lesley Martin since 2008 and led my first PDC in 2011.

I met my wife in Lisbon and we have two children that were born at home. We are part of some home schools groups in the area and have supported a new Waldorf School Caracol ao Sol where our daughter has attended.

I gained my Permaculture Diploma in 2010 with my tutor Lesley Martin. There was also a fire that burnt the farm in 2010.

The last five years have been about rebuilding infra structure (compost toilet, shed, workshop, terraces, water tank) and the plants and trees growing back.

We are looking for people who want to live off grid and know of some properties in the area that are for sale that are very nice.

There are many interesting projects in the area and we make up a part of the community here of alternative living. We provide consultation and translation for projects for buildings and farm design.

We hope more people will come to the area who want to do permaculture and create a vibrant community.


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